• Eiffel Tower Radio Station, 1914. The radio operator is using a headset to listen to a message. In the background are measuring devices and receivers. On the table in the background is equipment related to ship radios. The Eiffel Tower, located in Paris, France, was built between 1887 and 1889, and reaches a height of 300 meters. Proposals to use it as a radio tower were first made in 1901, and a permanent long-distance radio base was established here in 1906.


  • War breaks out in Europe, and Amateur licenses are suspended in almost all foreign countries.

  • DeForest takes Armstrong to court — launches what will be the longest patent suit in history.

On This Day

  • April 5-Inning-by inning scores of an exhibition baseball game between the New York Giants and Memphis Turtles, playing at the Red Elm Bottoms in Memphis, was sent from the Falls Building to the steamboat G. W. Robertson. Information was telephoned from the ball park to the Falls Building, and then sent by Victor H. Laughter’s voice transmitter to the Robertson.

  • August. 26-Radio Operator, Commercial Extra First Class, license number 1 issued to Elmo Neale Pickerill; qualified by demonstrating a skill of 32 wpm in Continental Morse Code and 35 wpm in American Morse.

Radio in 1914

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