Forum Speakers

Location: Ballroom C/D


Radio Speakers
Thursday, March 22

8:30 am        Introductions-Brian Harrison

9 am             Tube Collectors Mtg-Kirk Cline

10 am           Testing Vacuum Tubes, For Radio and Tube Collectors-Paul Hart

11 am           The Asheville NC Radio Museum-Alexander Hagerty W4JHU

1 pm             The James Millen Story, Designed For Performance-Greg Gore WA1KBQ

2 pm             Post-WWII TV and TV DXing-Robert Lozier KD4HSH

3 pm             Restoration and Project Forum-led by Robert Lozier KD4HSH

4 pm             The Development Of The Cellular Phone- Reed Fisher W2CQH

5 pm             Enigma Replicas-Sam Ammons KE4EKX

6 pm            The Paraset - a WWII QRP Spy Radio, Hiroki Kato AH6CY

8 pm-10 pm  Communication and Crypto of WWII and Beyond (Combined Event)

 Crypto Speakers
Thursday, March 22

9 am             Ron Lawrence

9:15 am        Debbie Desch Anderson, USA

9:15 am        John Tokar, NSA, CCH, USA

9:30 am        George Lasry, Israel

11 am           John Alexander, UK

1:15 pm        David Hatch, USA

3 pm             George Lasry, Israel

4 pm             Sam Ammons

5 pm             Enigmas, SZ-42 and others

8 pm-10 pm  Communication and Crypto of WWII and Beyond (Combined Event)

Friday, March 23

9 am          Jerry McCarthy, UK

10 am     Paul Reuvers & Marc Simons, Netherlands

11 am     Klaus Schmeh, Germany

1:30 pm  Jerry Mc Carthey, UK

2 pm       Tom & Dan Perera, USA

3 pm       Klaus Schmeh, Germany




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